Where is my


       Your location is my location.

       My service is mobile. Your session

      is performed On-Site in a room

     at your home, place of business or

    hotel.  A clean, quiet, smoke-free

   space will serve us comfortably.

...And Professional Reliable Transportation!

Karen Targets Tidbits:



          My Supplies:  I provide a massage table

         and a set of sheets.

       Your Supplies:  This is related to dress.

       Please wear loose fitting clothes such as

      gym shorts, a tee-shirt or a tank top.

      Undergarments, trunks, briefs or a 2 piece

     bathing suit are other options.  Draping is

     usual and customary.  It is important for you

     to be at ease.

   The Notion of Lotion:  A Top Priority

   Clean, dry lubricant free skin facilitates

   release of the fascia, which is a distinct

   response vs. the relaxation derived from the

  use of creme, lotion or oil in a massage.

  Time Management:  It takes an additional 30

  minutes to Set-Up and Break-Down my table.

  Please plan the extra time into your calendar.