“Myofascial Release is a

                      safe and very effective

                     hands-on technique that

                    involves applying gentle

                  sustained pressure into the

                 Myofascial connective tissue

                 restrictions to eliminate pain

                and restore motion.”  No one

               explains this better than John,

              himself. I encourage you to

             peruse, study and scrutinize

            everything on his website:


           This is potentially the lens into

           something important for you.

          Your attention to this research

         could be likened to every particular

         significant detail of your own make-

         up.  No one aspect more important

         than another.  All the “Whole.”  All

        One Healthy Whole Being.  Come

        to know John F. Barnes, PT through

        his life commitment.  Come to

        understand that professionals

        ultimately dedicate their practices to

        this approach recognizing its            

        incredible benefits.  Become    

        acquainted with the technique

        through your intention.  Come to 

        know yourself better through MFR.

        Review John’s Overview.