One Profession:    Massage Therapy:  LIC. NVMT. 1175

One Massage Therapist:    Karen Sue Bravo, BCTMB

One Service:    Mobile John F. Barnes Myofascial Release      (JFB MFR)

One Method:    Hands On - Hands Off    (No cremes, lotions, oils)

One Objective:    Relaxation/Release of Tight/Twisted/Torqued soft tissue  

One Client:    YOU !

“The JFB Approach to MFR is ‘The Specialty’ within the wellness realm of Applied Myofascial Release.  It is genuine MFR, as opposed to Goodwill alternate myofascial release massage techniques.  The JFB Approach to MFR is ‘The Specialty within The Specialty.  I love the JFB MFR Approach to Well Being.  Its gentle sustained pressure invites you back into Being Well.  Begin the pilgrimage into the understanding that Well Being is a choice.  I invite you to consider the MFR Difference as an addition to your Quality of Life Plan.”

Welcome to my service,

Karen Sue Bravo, BCTMB